Class Captain Gavin Watson has asked us to advise all IOM skippers of a GBR registered boat that voting is now open on the motions for the 2018 IOMICA AGM meeting.

You will find the Agenda for this meeting by clicking HERE

Attached are the notes for further discussion by G. Bantock & G. Watson: 2018 IOMICA AGM notes for discussion

Voting to close midnight 23/12/2018.

Use the form below to cast your vote.

2018 IOM ICA AGM Voting

2018 IOM ICA Motions

6.1. Change Wording to Championship regulations for allocation of places for Continental Championships.
7.1. Change Wording to Championship Regulations 6.8 to provide great financial transparency surrounding event management.
8.1. Modification of the CCR 8.6.1 (ii) about entries of non-continental NCA participants for Continental Championships, 8.7.2, 8.7.3 and 8.7.4.
9.1. Limit the European Championship (EC) to a 4 days racing + 1 day of registration and measurements, with a maximum of three fleets.
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