MYA Newsletter No 1
Hello all MYA members and welcome to issue 1 of your new
The purpose of it is (and will be) to communicate with all MYA members, whether they are
International competitors or Club sailors and to encourage this to be as two-way as can be
achieved. One feature of the recent AGM at Datchet was that many members did not feel
they knew what was going on nor did they feel able to find out readily in spite of the huge
improvements in the MYA website. So, here goes - for now and the future.
Firstly, if any MYA member wishes to send an article, a letter praising or complaining or
any comment they feel would help others, then all they need to do is to send it to The button above enables you to send a response
directly to the Editor.
The Editor must have the discretion on what gets published, of course.
Secondly, all Newsletters will be electronic. If this is not working for any member then the
place to go to fix it is the Editor at the above address. Clearly, it may be that this Newsletter
or its successors do not get through to every member via electronic means. If this happens
nobody will know unless Clubs ask each of their members if they have received the
Newsletter for the first few editions - and if they haven’t, please tell your Editor - again,
address as above.
If a printed copy could be made in the short term for such members then that would be
much appreciated.
Thirdly, there will be strands common to each Newsletter edition - such as a short piece
from the MYA Chairman, Regional items of general interest, MYA/Racing news, Members’
letters, technical items of interest to all members, pictures to enliven the words plus as
many other types of information as members want where practical.
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