Saturday, 29 February 2020 Issue No 2
This is the second issue…
…….of your new MYA Newsletter. The first issue just before
Christmas was a very short and exploratory one but hopefully you
will notice that this is rather more expansive but not toooo long at
9 pages.
The pic above, by the way, shows what happens if there is over-
load (no boats were harmed as a result of this).
As ever, contributions from members or Clubs are always welcome
and in this issue you will find the first two brief introductions to
the Clubs at the top and the bottom alphabetically - that is Ab-
erdeen and Yeovil. In addition there is a short introduction to our
two roving reporters who have been employed at zero cost to seek
out the stories that members will find interesting. Hopefully they
(that is both the stories and the two reporters) will not be taken
too seriously.
There will be a regular contribution from the key areas of the
MYA - such as our Chairman, Technical Ocer and, in future edi-
tions, COGs.
There will also be a Letters to the Editor page but this issue is too
crowded already to permit it this time.
If anyone spots a photo that either tickles their fancy or seems
especially relevant to our sport, please do forward it to the Editor.
Sailing Events/Calendar
It is not the job of this or any future
Newsletter to list all the MYA events
as there are too many - and before you
all shout in unison - it is the MYA
website that is the best place to go for
this information.
The main event of the year without
doubt is the Ten Rater and Marble-
head Worlds being held at West Kirby
from 9 to 19 June. Please do come
along and both support our skippers
and see some great racing. Also the
Dinghy Show 2020 is on now (from 29
Future editions
It is planned to issue a Newsletter
about every two months or so to link
to significant events etc - so the third
edition is scheduled for early May, just
after the Council meets in April.