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Posts from our Facebook Group Downwind!

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2 days ago

Say what you will about the result, THAT WAS RACING !! ... See MoreSee Less

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At last some proper match racing, windshifts, ducks, covering and protests.

How are you watching?

So INEOS had to guess what the wind was going to do and lock off the cunningham in a one size fits all position. Welcome to our world.

Ainslie has some cajones, for that port starboard on the final leg!

I think if Prada hadn’t play acted they may just have caught ineos in their contact zone

I hope Boris wins 🙂 as i cannot back sam anymore really close racing and great coverge closest i suspect in history France dead ahead!

Equally matched boats. Outsailed by Amalie et al!

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2 days ago

Saturday Sailing "Christchurch model yacht club", NZ.. "Canterbury J class" and one "EC12". A bit gusty today. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Photos from Lincoln Radio Sailing Club's post ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Amazing how an ugly duckling can become a swan! Thank you BG for your inspiration. ... See MoreSee Less

Amazing how an ugly duckling can become a swan! Thank you BG for your inspiration.Image attachment

1 week ago

Bear away in heavy breeze causes problems, now where have I seen that before.... ... See MoreSee Less

Bear away in heavy breeze causes problems, now where have I seen that before....

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A bit less limiting than with an AC75 though!

AC75s go the other way though 🛫

Nose dive.

Something must have come loose inside to punch this hole. Dont know what their batteries are like, not like my car I guess.

Thought there was a deformity around where the foil arm enters the hull as well.

American Magic- press conference-a good listen. youtu.be/4-yvEmEqdBc

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2 weeks ago

More from Alton Radio Controlled Sailing Club trawling the archives plus a couple of bonus shots. ... See MoreSee Less

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Where have you been hiding these! They are superb!!

Yay...great to see some of the photos from days gone by. Thanks Malcolm Price

2 weeks ago

So as we go deeper into lockdown 3 and the new year is starting the same way as we left the old one. Thought I would share a few more photos of a "D day" at Alton Radio Controlled Sailing Club. I have posted a few photos of this day back in September and it was certainly one to remember! Force 6-7 with a steep chop and waves to negotiate. We don't get many of these day without heavy rain, so was excellent fun. Happy new year to you all and hope we can all get back on the water soon ... See MoreSee Less

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Great shots

Love it, love it, love it!! I’ve only had a D rig on in C weather. Can’t wait to use one properly. Gorgeous pics!!

Yup, they certainly fly on "C" rigs. Here's mine in lift-off mode.

Brilliant photos great action

Ruff sailing 2021 !

The G or F Rig ?

Great sailing! Nice photography..

Along with Sue Brown and Anna McKone, I think you are producing some of the best DF95/65 photos Ronnie in this country. A great advert for Alton RC sailing... and a real lift for us all at the moment during lockdown. Thank you .

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3 weeks ago

Bye the way, are we still using 27mhz radio? ... See MoreSee Less

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2.4 Ghz is the standard. No more poking people in the eye.😉

Still legal along with 40mhz.

I never caught anyone with my old 27 set up... lol

Still legal😜

That's old school

27-40Mhz? Good way to socially distance😂

I think Pete Stollery still uses his 🤣🤣🤣

OK...simple question....when working with rg65 there was a designed effort to get the two aerial branches for 2.4rx as close to the deck outer as possible and keep them dry. Now contemplating completion of an old pond racer and fitting 2.4. Suggestions where a plastic lidded pot is clearly not applicable. I had thought of a spinnaker tape covering faking a hatch cover, with aerials stuck to the underside? Suggestions please.....

anyone remember the peg boards at airfields and car clubs? and all those people who didnt return the peg after their race/flight?

At least one person uses 27 at our club I have used 40 until now but may try 2.4 this year. Only trouble with 27 is they don't have advanced settings.

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2 weeks ago

Work has continued and the contractors have maintained the quality and thoroughness of their work. The cause of the main leak which meant we were losing 400,000 litres of water in 48 hours has been established. Behind each expansion joint in the walls is a block of concrete some 2-3 feet square and about 12-18 inches thick. These have moved backwards leaving a gap between the block and the pool wall. The backfill to the wall is ash rather than clay and so this has been washed away leaving room for water to escape. These areas have been excavated and will be filled with concrete. The concrete blocks may be re-positioned. Areas of the coping stones have been replaced with a superior grade of concrete to those in place. A problem was discovered in that work done in the 1990s meant coping stones were not attached to the walls leading to ingress of water once the mastic deteriorated and tilting of the stones until they simply fell into the pool.. The new work has included strengthening with horizontal and vertical bars plus the insertion of wire mesh prior to pouring the cement. This method not only results in a stronger and more stable construction but it means that the coping stones are now attached to the wall and therefore there should be no ingress of water as mastic is not needed in the parts of the wall that have been renovated.

Before Christmas it became apparent that we were faced with short term solutions to long term problems. The coping stones not due for replacement may only have a life span of 2-3 years and any new mastic applied to the joints may only have a life span of 5 years. Additionally, the contractors had made the point that it was taking more time to cut and join old sections rather than renew all stonework. On 29 December, the business case for a complete replacement of all coping stones was put to John O’Shea, cabinet member for Parks, Fred Grindrod our local councillor, the Parks Services Manager and the Project Manager, Iqbal Sangha. This included a request for an extra £30,000 being added to the budget to complete such work. A cautiously optimistic informal response was received earlier this week, but today, formal notification was received that the further works have been authorised. This should ensure that the structure of the pool will be safe for at least 20 years. This is in addition to the greater facility afforded for routine maintenance by installation of the new grid at the inlet, the new penstock and the renewal of the pipework from the penstock to the stream.

The Club has received an enormous degree of co-operation, support and consultation that has not always been present in the past. Our thanks must go to John O’Shea and Fred Grindrod for their continued support of our project at a political level. Iqbal Sangha has worked tirelessly to achieve an excellent result within a limited budget and Joe Hayden has brought a very welcome change of attitude from the Parks Department. Should you wish to thank these people for their efforts, then they can be contacted as follows:

John.O'Shea@birmingham.gov.uk, fred.grindrod@birmingham.gov.uk, joe.hayden@birmingham.gov.uk, iqbal.s.sangha@birmingham.gov.uk

These additional works will add time to the duration of the works which may not be so important given the constraints with COVID-19. It would seem reasonable not to expect the pool to be in use before March.
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great support for such an important model sailing venue..well done all involved ...😁⚓👏

3 weeks ago

I had no idea! When was the last time anyone measured a Six Metre?

... See MoreSee Less

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Bill Green could give you an idea of new rgistrations.

There are yachts being measured regularly but we are waiting for this covid thing, I have one to be measured and there are more at my xkub

I’ve got a queue forming to get measured both A’s and 6’s. The club house at BV out of use until the tier levels drop. It’s a pain but it has to be done.

Interesting video, if not seen it before. Just a quick question for you, who produced and developed the software?

It's an interesting procedure sadly lost during Covid as really a two man task. Due to various mods/ rebuilds my two 6's have been measured multiple times in search of sail area.

Bill Green looks like you need help with all these designs needing measuring. I will be your apprentice

You’re on

This video will be very usefull when I come to measure mine. 6m should not be to different to measuring an A. Just a chain girth to do. I think that bow and stern girths will actually be easier to do than the A class QBL.

The Really Useful Box company sell a "Christmas decoration box" that will fit a 6M in when filled to the brim, it needs support around the top edge, but I have used that to check my waterline and floatation before I took it for measuring. Really useful, and it saves so much time. I would suggest more people go to a measuring test to see what is actually involved, it is time consuming, you can help the process by understanding the process. The box doesn't look pretty but it does the job.

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3 weeks ago

Another bit of sad news for those who sailed against Laurent in the Marblehead class. ... See MoreSee Less

Another bit of sad news for those who sailed against Laurent in the Marblehead class.Image attachment
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Has anyone been watching the America's Cup practice racing? Don't understand how the foiling works? If so take a look at the RYA video below.
The presenter may be familiar to many of you, radio sailor and RYA Foiling Coach Assessor, Shaun Priestley
The boats may be smaller than the AC racing but the principles are the same.
... See MoreSee Less

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